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    Just the other day, I was milling about Esplanade and saw the gig poster for Plainsunset‘s album launch on December 18 and was thinking to myself, “Didn’t they just released their album?”

    Well, my memory definitely failed me once again. In fact, the boys had released their last self-titled album on May 2008. Now a year and a half later, Plainsunset is ready to unleash their blend of melodic rock tunes with Collabor-8.

    Written and recorded in a mere span of two months, Collabor-8 is the collaborative effort between Plainsunset and a slew of artists including Sheikh Haikel, DJ Darren Dubwise, DJ/Keyboardist Amanda Ling, The Lard Brothers and several lead singers (Matthew Lim from A Vacant Affair, Joshua Tan from The Fire Fight and Jean Low from Giants Must Fall) from the Wake Me Up Music roster.

    To quote Plainsunset: "Don't hate, collabor-8!"

    Plainsunset and their collaborators

    Says front man Jonathan Chan of the album, “We stayed away from most of the regular things we’ve done. Playing with experts from other fields with the express intention of giving them room to work their own magic is a scary thing. It’s saying that we have no complete control of the result.”

    Without a doubt, Collabor-8 is not only another milestone for Plainsunset, it also shows the great community and collaborative spirit within the Singapore local music scene.

    “We hope translates well with the public, both to our fans and new listeners alike,” says Sham, the band’s lead guitarist. “We’ve come to a stage that we’re game just to have fun… and this album was just that!”



    Collabor-8‘s Tracklisting:
    1. Tears For You feat. Sheikh Haikel
    2. Blank Faces
    3. Rainfall feat. Amanda Ling
    4. The Valiant
    5. Monsters In The Sea feat. Dubwise
    6. Lights Down
    7. River Song (The Lard Brothers’ You Can Feel It remix feat. Garuda & QTB)
    8. Uncertain feat. The WMUM Choir

    Bonus Tracks:
    1. Untrue Mondays
    2. Find A Way 2009 (Radio Edit)

    Collabor-8 will be officially released on December 18, with an album launch party on the same day at the Esplanade Recital Studios at 9:30pm. The band will be playing various tracks off the new album with special guests such as Sheikh Haikel, Amanda Ling (ex- Electrico), DJ duo Dubwise and more. Tickets can be bought through SISTIC at SGD $25.

    For more information, log on to www.myspace.com/plainsunset.

    To quote Plainsunset: "Don't hate, collabo-8!"

    To quote Plainsunset: "Don't hate, collabo-8!"

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